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A Closer Look At Features Of The Widex Evoke - The Hearing Clinic
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A Closer Look At Features Of The Widex Evoke

A Closer Look At Features Of The Widex Evoke

A Closer Look At Features Of The Widex Evoke

While there are many different hearing aids available to help with your hearing loss, the best ones come from the top six hearing aid manufacturers.

One of these top manufacturers—Widex—has been making waves in the hearing industry with their Evoke hearing aids. These hearing aids are packed with advanced features, and as your local Denver area audiologists, we wanted to help you learn more about these exciting hearing aids.

Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Styles And Colors

There are eleven different Evoke hearing aid styles available. The various styles will have different levels of features associated, which our audiologist will be able to tell you about. To help give you an idea of what is available.

Behind-The-Ear Styles

A Closer Look At Features Of The Widex Evoke

When it comes to the Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid styles, there are seven different variations you can enjoy. Depending on which style of BTE Evoke hearing aids you choose, there are 10-13 color options. These colors range from discreet colored hearing aids or brighter, bold colors.

In-The-Ear Styles

A Closer Look At Features Of The Widex Evoke

There are four different In-The-Ear (ITE) Evoke hearing aid styles. Each of them only has three color options, which are variations of skin colors so that they can better blend in when you wear them. Each set of Evoke ITE hearing aids are custom made to fit comfortably in your ear.

Key Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Features

Along with the various styles of Evoke hearing aids, these hearing aids can come packed with a variety of excellent features that are sure to improve your hearing experience.

  • SoundSense Learn - This feature is built into Evoke hearing aids to help your devices guide you to enjoy better hearing. With SoundSense Learn, you are given a series of A/B choices to help fine-tune your hearing aid experience.

  • Widex Remote Care - If you find that you need further help with your hearing aids, the Evoke hearing aids come with the ability for our audiologist to provide remote care. He can remotely adjust your hearing aids to ensure you have a better hearing experience.

  • Real-Life Insights - Your hearing aids can keep track of the adjustment and programs that you use and provide this information to our audiologist. That way, when you come in for hearing aid help—or use the Remote Care feature—our audiologist can tailor your hearing aids’ programming more effectively.

  • Bluetooth connectivity - Connecting wirelessly with your smartphone is possible thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity that comes with Evoke hearing aids. With this connectivity, you can more easily control your hearing aids with the use of Widex apps.

  • Evoke or Tonelink app - Speaking of apps, there are two apps associated with Evoke hearing aids. The Evoke app works only for the F2 hearing aid model, but the Tonelink app works for all Evoke hearing aids. These apps allow you to control your hearing aids from your phone, changing the volume, switching hearing aid listening programs, alter the direction of your microphones and other features that help improve your hearing experience.

  • Rechargeable option - While not all of the Evoke hearing aid models come with a rechargeable option, certain styles of Evoke hearing aids either come with the ability to recharge or can be retrofitted to be rechargeable.

  • Fluid Sound Analyzer - As you wear your Evoke hearing aids, they will analyze your hearing environment and map out the area. With this environmental sound map, your hearing aid program suggestions are improved.

  • Location-based programming - You can also have certain hearing aid listening programs associated with certain locations. For instance, if you prefer a certain hearing program for your home, your Evoke hearing aids can be set up to always switch to that program.

Try Evoke Hearing Aids For Free In Denver, CO

As you can see, there are many exciting features you can find on the Evoke hearing aids. If you are interested in trying them but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing new hearing aids yet, try out our hearing aid test drive program.

With our hearing aid test drive program, you can receive a complimentary hearing evaluation to assess your degree of hearing loss. With that information, our audiologist can help you find the right Evoke hearing aids for you to try. Our trial program only includes BTE hearing aids, but it should be enough to help you see if you enjoy these hearing aids.

So, if you are interested in trying out Widex Evoke hearing aids, contact us to schedule a free hearing evaluation and talk to our audiologist about your interest in our hearing aid trial program.