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How To Help A Loved One With Tinnitus - The Hearing Clinic
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How To Help A Loved One With Tinnitus

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How To Help A Loved One With Tinnitus

Living with tinnitus can be difficult, especially since it is not always clear what has caused the tinnitus. Also, as subjective tinnitus is only heard by the person experiencing it, the tinnitus sufferer can feel isolated and not believed. It doesn’t help that many medical professionals don’t know much about tinnitus and can be dismissive.

If you have a loved one who struggles with tinnitus, The Hearing Clinic has some insights on how you can better support them and help your loved one address their tinnitus.

Do These Things For Someone With Tinnitus

Many of the things you can do for a loved one with tinnitus are intangible and require you to be patient with their process. So, as you read through our advice, remember that ultimately, what your loved one chooses to do concerning their tinnitus is their choice.

Express Compassion

First and foremost, it is important that you express compassion for your loved one. Tinnitus can be incredibly difficult to live with, especially as it is a disorder that cannot be easily detected by medical professionals. Frankly, until researchers took MRIs of tinnitus sufferers, tinnitus was considered a mostly psychosomatic issue.

Science aside, your compassion for your loved one’s struggle can make a real difference. For one thing, it will let your loved one know that they are believed, and help them feel less isolated by their tinnitus.

Listen To Their Concerns

While it is essential that you express compassion, sometimes all your loved one needs from you is to have you listen to them. Living with tinnitus can be hard, especially if the person has a moderate or severe form of tinnitus. While you may not understand what it is like to deal with tinnitus, you can listen to your loved one’s concerns and allow them to feel heard.

Encourage Tinnitus Treatment

While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are tinnitus treatments available that can help your loved one manage their tinnitus. However, it is likely that your loved one has become discouraged by inaccurate information and so-called cures. So, they will need your support and encouragement to pursue real tinnitus treatment.

At The Hearing Clinic, your loved one can find tinnitus treatment options. Our audiologist has worked with other tinnitus sufferers, so your loved one doesn’t have to worry that they will be met with another “better learn to live with tinnitus” kind of response.

Help Alleviate Stress

One of the major triggers of tinnitus is stress. It can create a vicious cycle—a person starts to feel stressed, which triggers tinnitus. Yet, experiencing tinnitus can also cause stress, which in turn, makes the person’s tinnitus worse.

So, if there is someone in your life that struggles with tinnitus, do your best to help take care of some of the things stressing them. Whether it is offering to run errands or weeding a flowerbed, helping to take care of stressors can help reduce your loved one’s tinnitus.

Promote Relaxation

Along with lowering stress levels, practicing good relaxation techniques can help ease tinnitus for your loved one. You can do a variety of things to help promote relaxation, such as playing soothing background music, providing distractions from tinnitus, and involving your loved one in other relaxing activities.

Don't Do These Things To A Tinnitus Sufferer

Along with the things you should do to help a loved one who is struggling with tinnitus, there are some clear things that you should not do, as it can make tinnitus worse.

  • Don't expose to loud sounds - Loud noise exposure is a common trigger for tinnitus, and if your loved one is exposed to loud noises, it can cause their tinnitus to become worse.

  • Avoid being dismissive - It can be difficult at times to understand a disorder that has no visible symptoms. But it is critical that you aren’t dismissive of your loved one’s struggle with tinnitus, as it can cause them to feel isolated.

  • Don't ignore triggers - As stress, loud noises, and other things can trigger tinnitus, it is important that you remain aware of your loved one’s triggers so that you don’t accidentally expose them to things that will make their tinnitus worse.

  • Refrain from over-consuming stimulants - Stimulants like caffeine can make tinnitus far worse. Be sure to encourage your loved one to abstain from stimulants so that they don’t increase the intensity of their tinnitus.

  • Don't encourage use of nicotine - If you and your loved one use nicotine—whether it is via vaping, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, or other mediums—you may need to set the example and abstain from its usage. Nicotine can make tinnitus far worse, as well as having other harmful side effects.

Find Tinnitus Treatment At The Hearing Clinic

Whether you are struggling with tinnitus or have a loved one who is living with tinnitus, you can find tinnitus treatment at The Hearing Clinic. With multiple convenient locations, finding tinnitus treatment in the Denver area is made simple.

If you would like to schedule a tinnitus evaluation for your loved one, please contact us today to set up an appointment.