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Invisible in the Canal, (IIC) Hearing Aid - The Hearing Clinic
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Invisible in the Canal, (IIC) Hearing Aid

Invisible in the Canal, (IIC) Hearing Aid

Invisible-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid (IIC)If it looks like this woman is not wearing a hearing aid at all, then it must be an Invisible in the Canal.

That is the whole point, some wearers prefer something that is not visible to the casual observer. An Invisible in the Canal or IIC hearing aid, true to its name, is invisible. It sits very deeply in the ear canal, mere millimeters from the eardrum. This close proximity to the eardrum allows for crisp, clear, natural sound quality with less amplifier output, meaning better battery life. This is important because the small size of the device does not allow for a large battery or controls. IIC hearing aids need to be automatic because you can’t adjust them, which means they are only available in higher end circuitry. When the ear canal is large enough, IIC hearing aids can be made with a wireless antenna for remote control or Bluetooth integration. Regardless of which parts or features will fit in this tiny device, IIC hearing aids come with the one feature that the majority of hearing aid wearers, especially new wearers, put at the top of their list: Nobody will know you’ve got it.

While the IIC isnt right for every patient, find out if it is right for you. Contact us for an appointment today.

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