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The Hearing Clinic is a family-owned, private audiology practice. We provide a friendly, patient-focused approach in a warm atmosphere with a simple goal: individualized solutions for individual people.
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Formerly Mountain Peak Hearing Associates
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Formerly Mountain Peak Hearing Associates
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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing AidsPhonak is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer at the leading edge of hearing aid research and development. They pioneered many features, such as frequency compression for severe noise damage, water resistance, and wireless integration for classroom use and CROS systems for single-sided deafness. Phonak is widely recognized for excellence in pediatrics and severe to profounds hearing loss, and has a very strong product line for general use.

Call Today for a Free Trial of Phonak Hearing Aids!

Phonak Audeo B-RPhonak Audeo B-R  takes the outstanding sound quality of the Audeo B and adds rechargeability. With a lithium-ion battery, the Audeo B-R lasts 24 hours on a single charge, and comes with a charging case that has its own battery, meaning that you can charge the hearing aids from the case for an entire week without having to plug it in. Great for travel, camping, or just not having to think about. If rechargeable hearing aids is on your wish list, Audeo B-R is the answer for you.

Phonak Audeo BPhonak Audeo B is the Receiver in the Ear model of the Belong product portfolio. Incorporating all of the advanced features Phonak has to offer, Audeo B is capable of wireless Bluetooth streaming, ear-to-ear communication for binaural processing and streaming of sound from one ear to the other. Audeo Bs RIC style puts the speaker in the ear canal and close to the eardrum for a vibrant and natural sound quality, and allows for a very small device that sits virtually unnoticed behind the ear.


Phonak Virto VPhonak Virto V is Phonaks custom in-the-ear flagship line. Virto comes in a variety of sizes, from tiny and invisible IICs through more easily handled full shell ITEs. For those who want a custom fit with Phonaks signature sound quality, clarity, and noise reduction, Virto V offers great sound in a custom package.

Phonak Bolero VPhonak Bolero V is Phonaks behind the ear flagship line. With features such as IP57 water resistance, SoundRecover frequency compression, and automatic directional zoom, Bolero V offers unparalleled clarity for speech in all manner of listening environments. With traditional earhook and slim tube options, as well as standard and power receiver options, Bolero V is a great choice for virtually any hearing loss.

Phonak Audeo BPhonak Naida V has been recognized for years as the hearing aid of choice for severe to profound hearing loss. Beginning several years ago with SoundRecover technology that shifts inaudible speech sounds to frequency ranges where you can hear them best, Phonak has built upon that original innovative idea to produce the hearing aid that is the clear leader in the industry for those in need of the most help. Now with all of Phonaks wireless accessories, Naida will have you hearing with a clarity and ease that you never thought possible.

Phonak CROSPhonak CROS  Designed for those with single sided deafness, also known as unilateral hearing loss, CROS utilizes a light and comfortable transmitter on the poorer hearing side, which sends the sounds from that side to the better ear so that you can hear sounds from either side and tell where sound is coming from like never before.

Phonak ComPilot and Wireless Accessories

Phonak ComPilot and Wireless AccessoriesPhonaks wireless accessories allow streaming of sounds from any source you can imagine. The ComPilot doubles as a remote control, and receives input from a TV transmitter, a lapel microphone, or a cell phone for hands free calling.

Phonak ComPilot AirThe ComPilot Air is Phonaks streaming option for those that dont wish to have anything hanging from their neck. With a stronger wireless signal the ComPilot Air is able to stream from your phone or any other Bluetooth source straight to your hearing aids, and has a convenient clip for hands-free use.


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