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The Hearing Clinic
The Hearing Clinic is a family-owned, private audiology practice. We provide a friendly, patient-focused approach in a warm atmosphere with a simple goal: individualized solutions for individual people.
Cherry Creek
90 Madison St #201 Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 322-0054
Wheat Ridge
Formerly Mountain Peak Hearing Associates
4045 Wadsworth Blvd #110 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 425-3344
Colorado Springs
Broadmoor Audiology
1685 Briargate Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 388-1404
Formerly Mountain Peak Hearing Associates
1030 Johnson Road, Suite 180 Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (720) 744-0114
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ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing AidsReSound is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that is well known worldwide for their innovation and superior sound quality. ReSound pioneered open fit hearing aids, and was the first manufacturer to release a truly miniature receiver in the ear hearing aid with the Dot line, and pioneered the first ever made for iPhone hearing aid. ReSound has a full range of hearing aid styles and wireless accessories to fit most every type and degree of hearing loss. ​

ReSound LiNX2 ReSound LiNX 3D  The future of Smart Hearing is Here

LiNX 3D hearing aids are the third generation of their made for iPhone hearing aids. They feature world class noise reduction, crystal clear sound quality, and enhanced bass for streaming audio straight from your iPhone. The ReSound Smart app also lets you control everything in your hearing aids, from adjusting treble and bass, focusing the directional zoom of the hearing aids, and even setting custom sound profiles for your favorite places. Because the aids are linked to your phone, you can use the Find My Hearing Aids feature if you lose them, and check the battery status. The convenience and adaptability of LiNX 3D hearing aids is as impressive as the sound quality. Available in over-the-ear and custom in-the-ear options.

ReSound Enzo  Made for iPhone, Made for Power

Enzo is ReSounds super power hearing aid, designed for those with a more severe loss. Adding iPhone compatibility now allows those with the most need to stream phone calls to both ears at the same time and access remote control apps on their phone as well.

ReSound Unite Accessories

ReSound has a full line of wireless accessories, featuring a remote control, an audio streamer for the television, and a tiny hands-free phone clip, currently the only Made for iPhone accessory in the hearing industry.

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