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The Hearing Clinic is a family-owned, private audiology practice. We provide a friendly, patient-focused approach in a warm atmosphere with a simple goal: individualized solutions for individual people.
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Formerly Mountain Peak Hearing Associates
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Broadmoor Audiology
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Formerly Mountain Peak Hearing Associates
1030 Johnson Road, Suite 180 Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (720) 744-0114
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Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia (formerly Siemens) Hearing Aids TodaySingia is a well established hearing aid manufacturer, and until recently was part of the larger German Siemens technology company. The Siemens Hearing division was recently taken over by a private company called Sivantos, and their hearing aids were re-branded as Signia. Siemens pioneered Bluetooth integration in hearing aids, as well as 3-D earmold scanning using technology borrowed from its medical equipment divisions MRI manufacturing department. Digitally scanning earmolds and 3-D printing of hearing aid shells leads to a more accurate fit with fewer remakes. Siemens is known for natural sound quality, robust and durable hearing aid design, and has more recently integrated a tinnitus management package as well as frequency compression. Whether for custom hearing aids or behind the ear styles, Siemens is a good fit for virtually any hearing loss.

Signia Pure PrimaxSignia Pure Primax

The Pure Primax is the flagship Receiver in the Canal product from Siemens. Primax stands for PREMium EXperience, because the circuit uses both microphones from both hearing aids to wirelessly simulate an 8 microphone array that is able to very finely discriminate speech from background noise and wind, allowing Primax hearing aids to provide clear, comfortable, intelligible sound in the most demanding of environments. With a 312 or a 13 battery option and wireless antenna, the Pure Primax is able to incorporate all of Siemens high-end features, from tinnitus management and frequency compression, to advanced noise reduction and binaural processing for more accurate automatic directionality. With cutting edge wind reduction algorithms, the Pure Binax is as comfortable outside on a breezy day as it is in your own home.

Signia Cellion PrimaxSignia Cellion Primax

The Cellion is Signias Primax circuit with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Lithium Ion allows the Cellion to get over 24 hours on a single charge, with a 3 hour charge time. A fully-encased battery housing improves the water and dust resistance, and a charger removes the necessity of changing batteries. With rechargeable hearing aids, youll never need to worry about your hearing aids batteries dying over dinner or at an important meeting. Take one more stress point off your plate and get the rechargeable option.

Signia Ace PrimaxSignia Ace Primax

The Ace Primax is Signias smalled behind the ear hearing aid. Available in a standard, medium, and power output option, the Ace Binax is both rugged, sophisticated, and so light and small youll forget you have it on. Although it has a program button for adjusting volume or activating noise management features, the Ace Primax is not wireless or Bluetooth enabled. The Ace is also adjustable using Signias Touch Control smartphone app, available on Android and iPhone, allowing users to adjust their hearing aids discreetly and with a wider range of control options than would be available with a button on the hearing aid itself.

Signia EasyTekSignia EasyTek

With an award-winning elegant design, the EasyTek is a Bluetooth streaming device that opens Primax hearing aids to the world of audio streaming and remote control with a visual appeal that you wont be embarrassed to hang around your neck. The EasyTek pairs with your hearing aids and with your smartphone, allowing you to take phone calls through both ears at the same time, hands-free, and stream music, videos, and other media as well. The EasyTek also pairs with Signias smartphone app called EasyTek, allowing for very sophisticated control of the hearing aids volume, noise control, and direction of listening in a crowd or restaurant. Simple to use and elegant to wear, EasyTek will be an essential accessory for those who spend time with their phone and want to get the most out of their hearing aids.

Signia Insio CustomSignia Insio Custom

Insio Custom is the flagship custom hearing aid line from Signia. With their digital scanning and 3-D printing technologies, Siemens is able to make a custom hearing aid that fits perfectly the first time. The efficiency of their manufacturing process also makes them one of the only hearing aid manufacturers that can make a CIC hearing aid with wireless capabilities. For custom hearing aids that are nearly invisible without sacrificing high end functionality, Siemens is the optimal choice.

Signia CROS for Single-Sided DeafnessSignia CROS for Single-Sided Deafness

With the new Primax circuit, Signia is now able to offer a wireless CROS system for

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