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Treating Hearing Loss May Help Prevent Dementia - The Hearing Clinic
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Treating Hearing Loss May Help Prevent Dementia

Treating Hearing Loss May Help Prevent Dementia

Treating Hearing Loss May Help Prevent Dementia

Issues with one part of the body rarely—if ever—only affect that one area. Instead, our body is a complex system that works together to maintain homeostasis. When something disrupts that state of bodily harmony—such as developing hearing loss—it makes sense that the consequences have far-reaching impacts. And when it comes to hearing loss, the sooner you treat it, the better.

In fact, in recent years, not only has the treatment of hearing loss helped prevent social isolation, depression, and other issues, but research has also started to show that treating hearing loss may help in preventing dementia.

Studies Link Hearing Loss And Dementia

Here at The Hearing Clinic, our doctor of audiology stays on top of all the latest research in the hearing industry. So, Dr. Gardner was not surprised as more studies began to make the connection between cognitive decline and hearing loss.

One paper in particular highlights some of the most recent research into this subject. This meta-analysis of different studies reviewed how hearing loss was connected to cognitive decline. In conclusion, the scholars found that though the studies used different methods to reach their answers, there was a clear association between hearing loss and an increased risk of dementia.

Some of the studies speculated that hearing loss increased a person’s social isolation. This isolation was speculated to have eroded key memory-building areas, leading to cognitive decline.

Other studies found that hearing loss directly impacts the brain’s grey matter volume. As the volume of grey matter decreased, connected brain systems were impacted, leading to greater cognitive decline and dementia. No matter the angle the studies came at the issue, it was clear—hearing loss needs to be treated to help prevent cognitive decline.

How To Treat Your Hearing Loss

Finding treatment for your hearing loss all starts with making an appointment for a hearing evaluation. Unlike quick hearing screenings, a hearing evaluation is made up of a series of hearing tests, which are designed to evaluate your hearing range and determine what type of hearing loss you are experiencing.

Once the hearing evaluation has been completed, depending on your type of hearing loss, your treatment will proceed from there. For those with conductive hearing loss, our doctor of audiology will refer you to an experienced professional who specialized in corrective conductive hearing loss. However, in many cases, the evaluation shows that sensorineural hearing loss is the source of the issue.

With sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids are the main treatment method. With the information gathered from your hearing evaluation, our audiologist can help you choose the right hearing aids for your needs. Once your ordered hearing aids come in, they will be programmed to accommodate your hearing needs.

Find Hearing Health Care In Denver, CO

If you suspect that you may be struggling with untreated hearing loss, the time to take care of that loss is now, and The Hearing Clinic is here to help. Our experienced audiologist will help you through the process of having your hearing evaluated and walk you through your hearing aid options.

Also, another popular service offered at our hearing aid clinic is our hearing aid test drive service. By opting to test drive a pair of hearing aids for a week, you can see how well the hearing aids will work for you in your day-to-day life, rather than in just our office.

To work with our doctor of audiology to find the right hearing loss treatment for your needs, please contact us to set up your appointment today.