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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing AidsUnitron is a leading hearing aid manufacturer owned by the holding group Sonova, which also owns the Phonak and Lyric brands. Unitron hearing aids are well known as an industry leader for producing clear, natural speech in the presence of background noise, and has a world-class custom earmold manufacturing facility. Unitron introduced a revolutionary technology for  known as Flex, which allows their hearing aids to be re-formatted to any of their technology levels. A patient can purchase a set of hearing aids at one technology level due to budget constraints or degree of hearing loss, and then later upgrade to a higher level of technology without having to purchase a brand new set of hearing aids. Flex allows our patients to trial a variety of different technology levels before purchasing hearing aids. This is something no other hearing aid manufacturer currently offers.

Unitron MoxiUnitron Moxi

Moxi is Unitrons receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) line of hearing aids, and available in two versions. The standard Moxi has a button for program changing and volume control, making it slightly larger of the two. The Moxi Kiss is slimmer and more discreet, without a button, but can be controlled with a remote. The Moxi Kiss is also the only Unitron product currently incorporating Unitrons tinnitus masker, making it an ideal solution for those who suffer from tinnitus as well as hearing loss. The Moxi can be fit to all levels of hearing loss, or upgraded to a more powerful speaker should hearing loss gets worse over time. With Unitrons Flex technology, a Moxi hearing aid can be upgraded to a higher level of technology after purchase if the patient chooses.

Unitron QuantumUnitron Quantum

Quantum is Unitrons line of behind-the-ear (BTE) and custom in-the-ear (CIE) hearing aids. Quantum hearing aids utilize all of Unitrons high-end features, making it such a popular brand for those who want high performance in noisy situations. Unitrons custom hearing aid facility can customize comfortable, discreet hearing aids to fit almost any ear. With Unitrons Flex technology, a Quantum hearing aid can be upgraded to a higher level of technology after purchase date if the patient desires.

Unitron MaxUnitron Max

Max is Unitrons super power hearing aid for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Max comes in two power levels, a super power using a 13 battery, and an ultra power using a 675 battery for those that need the highest possible volume. In their Max hearing aids, In the Max series, some of the automatic features that reduce background noise are disabled allowing those environmental cues that those with severe hearing loss rely on to come through unaltered. Like the Quantum and Moxi, a Max hearing aid can be upgraded to a higher level of technology utilizing Flex.

Unitron Wireless AccessoriesUnitron Wireless Accessories

Unitron makes several wireless accessories including remote control, bluetooth streaming, and FM for classroom or auditorium settings. Unitrons wireless technology also allows the hearing aids to stream sound from one side to the other. Unitron is a reliable choice for a CROS system that allows those with single-sided deafness to hear sound from their bad side.

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