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Viral Video Sums Up The Joy Of Receiving Hearing - The Hearing Clinic
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Viral Video Sums Up The Joy Of Receiving Hearing

Viral Video Sums Up The Joy Of Receiving Hearing

Viral Video Sums Up The Joy Of Receiving Hearing

Recently, there has been an absolutely charming viral video of a baby wearing a pair of hearing aids. From the slightly confused look as the off-screen parent talks to how the baby lights up as her hearing aids are turned on, this video showcases the pure joy of being able to hear.

Unfortunately, as people get older, the joy of hearing can be forgotten as the social stigma against hearing loss weighs in. Instead of utilizing hearing aids to experience the world of sound, many individuals put off even having their hearing loss assessed.

If you want to rediscover the joy of hearing, The Hearing Clinic is here to help you reconsider how you look at hearing aids, hearing loss, and more.

However, an online hearing test cannot provide the depth of a comprehensive hearing evaluation provided by an audiologist. By working with an audiologist, you can have your:

Why You Should Tackle Hearing Loss Early

Sometimes, hearing loss is brushed off as a minor inconvenience. However, hearing loss impacts all aspects of a person’s life, from their social interactions to their cognitive ability.

Think about it—if you are struggling to hear, how often will you put yourself in social settings where good hearing is needed? Individuals with hearing loss will often isolate themselves as they are embarrassed that they struggle to follow the flow of conversation, or frequently have to ask people to repeat themselves. This isolation can contribute to depression as well as worsening hearing loss.

As for the cognitive impact, more studies are coming out to support the link between hearing loss and increased cognitive decline. One such study found that over eight years, those participants with any level of hearing loss—mild, moderate, severe—experienced correlated rates of cognitive decline. The study also noted that those participants that used hearing aids experienced lower rates of cognitive decline than others with their level of hearing loss who did not utilize hearing aids.

The sooner your hearing loss is addressed, the less it will impact your quality of life. And when it comes to treating sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids are the way to go.

Reconsider How You Look At Hearing Aids

Identifying hearing loss often isn’t the reason why it can take people so long to have their hearing corrected. Often, it is the social stigma attached to having impaired hearing, and consequently, needing to use hearing aids.

For one thing, people who haven’t seen modern hearing aid styles may not know that there are more options than the clunky hearing aids they saw their grandparents wear. In reality, there is a range of hearing aid styles, from sleek hearing aids that sit behind your ears to hearing aids that you can wear nearly invisibly inside your ear canal.

So, wipe the image of thick beige hearing aids out of your mind, and check out some of the hearing aid options that are now available. Because, along with improved styles, digital hearing aids are also packed with engaging features to help you hear better and enjoy your hearing aids more.

Also, as we know that hearing aids are a significant financial commitment, our audiologist offers our hearing aid test drive program. With this program, you can test drive a pair of Behind-The-Ear style hearing aids so that you can get a feel for the hearing benefits they can provide you with as you use your hearing aids.

Let Hearing Aids Bring You Joy

The sooner you address your hearing loss, the sooner you can re-immerse yourself in all your favorite sounds, from the sound of birds singing to the laughter of grandchildren. To unlock these beautiful sounds, all you need to do is have your hearing evaluated and work with our audiologist to find the right hearing aids for your needs.

However, we do understand that there are times where purchasing hearing aids are beyond a person’s means. While we offer financing options, here at The Hearing Clinic, we have a hearing aid grant program. Once a month, we choose an individual and provide them with the gift of hearing aids, the batteries they need for a year, and a three-year warranty. Because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy of hearing.

If you are ready to tackle your hearing loss and start enjoying all the sounds around you again, please contact us for an appointment. We have several hearing clinics throughout the Denver area, and we are ready to help you regain the joy of hearing.