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Occupational Noise Exposure - The Hearing Clinic
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Occupational Noise Exposure

Noise Exposure & Hearing Loss

Noise Induce Hearing Loss

Approximately 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise at work or during leisure activities.

Hoffman HJ, Ko C-W, Themann CL, Dillon CF, Franks JR. Reducing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in adults to achieve U.S. Healthy People 2010 goals. Abstract. Am J Epidemiol. 2006 Jun (Suppl S);163(11):S122

Do you own or manage a manufacturing or industrial facility?

If you own or manage a facility with noisy equipment, chances are you need to have a hearing conservation program that complies with OSHA standards. This can include engineering changes to reduce noise levels, issuing hearing protection to your employees, or simply having their hearing evaluated annually. Whatever your conservation needs, The Hearing Clinic can help you put together an easy and efficient plan for compliance at the lowest possible cost.

If you need to have an acoustic engineer evaluate your setup and give you suggestions about reducing noise levels, we have a good relationship with several engineers and would be more than happy to make a referral.

Chances are, though, that all you need is someone to do annual hearing testing on your employees. If that is your situation, you can send them to our office or Dr. Gardner will happily come to you.

Portable trailers with testing equipment can be very expensive.

Many companies have a portable trailer with testing equipment that they bring to your office for hearing testing. Such a setup is very expensive, and the costs inevitably get passed on to you. To keep your OSHA compliance costs low, Dr. Gardner uses a small quiet room somewhere in your facility and brings his test equipment from the office to assess your employees hearing. Not having an expensive trailer or a separate set of mobile diagnostic equipment means that the per-employee cost is often half what you would pay from most on-site test firms.

Custom hearing protection

Custom hearing protection lasts longer, is more comfortable and therefore more likely to be worn, and provides better hearing protection than many of the disposable foam options. Custom plugs are also available with selective filters that do not block sound until noise reaches dangerous levels, allowing employees to have a conversation when the machines are idle. Better hearing protection means less noise damage, which in turn means lower treatment and insurance costs for the employer. When ordered in bulk a significant discount is also available for employers who want to switch to custom protection for their whole team at once.

Hearing Bennefits

Many employers who provide their employees with annual hearing testing also cover hearing aids as part of their health insurance package. What many employers are unaware of is the cost of such premiums as compared to the cost of hearing aids. For many companies, it is considerably less expensive to provide good hearing protection and pay out of pocket for the hearing aids of any employees that need them than it is to pay monthly premiums for hearing aid coverage for every employee on the books. At The Hearing Clinic we partner with local manufacturers to provide a substantial discount on the retail cost of hearing aids, which the employer then purchases for those employees that end up needing them due to noise exposure. Hearing aids for the small percentage of employees that will suffer noise damage working for you is often much cheaper than increased insurance premiums for everyone.